LS Cable India  

LS Cable is the largest supplier of feed lines for BTSs in Korea. The technology and reliability of its products have been recognized due to the mobile communications technologies recognized globally. LS Cable has sold its products in the global market and has attempted to change from being only a cable supplier to being a total solutions supplier.

The RF Cable is a transmission line through which high frequency signals are transmitted between transmission devices at BTS for mobile communications and antenna. This cable is a high quality transmission medium due to reliability over wideband and is categorized as feeder lines for signal transmission and leakage RF cables for signal radiation.

  • Feed Line for BTSs
    1. FMain feed lines for BTSs for mobile communications
    2. In-building cabling system
    3. Various antenna feed lines for wireless communications systems

  • Leakage RF Cable
    1. Underground parking lots of apartments and department stores (for firefighting)
    2. Subways and tunnels (Composite wireless communications such as TRS)

  • Characteristics and Merits: RF Cable is reliable in terms of structure and mechanism and enables high quality voice, video, and data communications due to reliable frequency characteristics over wideband.
    1. Optimized insulation design for low loss
    2. Light weight due to high foaming
    3. Flexibility and loss reflection loss due to uniform wrinkling

  • Main Features
    1. Communication lines with low attenuation and low return loss
    2. Lead-free plenum cables (LSZH enabled)
    3. No harmful heavy metals (RoHS)
      1. LSZH: Low Smoke Zero Halogen
      2. RoHs: Restriction of Hazardous Substance